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Precious time is often lost through the handling of Point Of Sale System Restaurant . Similarly, the more cash is handled the greater the security risk in stores. Fortunately, Point of Sale (POS) technology is making better control of cash in retail stores possible, resulting in benefit for both staff and customers.

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One German furniture company has estimated that the payment process and handling of cash at the checkout takes between 15 to 25 seconds. As this is only one part of processing pos system, 15 to 25 seconds is quite substantial time and, when the seconds are calculated for the cash handling from every sale throughout the day…till operators are spending more time on this process than most business owners would like.

Then, there is also the concern of cash robbery and theft. On any given day in a retail business, one, a few or many more employees will handle cash. Think how many different times and how many different people will handle cash in a supermarket on any one day. It is also probable that many managers are reconciling cash and making deposits, which is why they use point of sale systems.

How Do You Select the Best Point Of Sale Systems in Point Of Sale System Restaurant ?

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A point of sale machine is a computerized replacement for a cash register. We normally see point of sale machines in retail shops, hotels and entertainment centers put near cash counters. POS machines can be used independently or inter connected with billing counters that gives price information and billing details of a product. POS data comes in many formats txt, EDI, csv, AS2 etc.

Point of sale (POS) machine is an electronic system that provides business with capability to retain and analyze a wide variety of data on a continuous basis which also gives the transaction information associated with consumer purchasing detail. POS systems analyzes valuable results that can be used for variety of business purposes, target market strategies, tracking supplier purchases, sales analysis, inventory calculations etc. POS systems are able to track consumer sales volumes, process credit, debit cards and manage inventory.

1. Sales, revenue and profit reports by daily, weekly and yearly
2. Inventory analysis
3. Store performance analysis by weekly, monthly and yearly
4. Company or store level category and brand analysis
5. Market basket analysis
6. Markdown and markup analysis
7. Price optimization

POS machines are user friendly as they are simple to operate and come at an affordable price. POS data integration and utilization has become a strategic necessity for retailers to optimize their business strategies. Retailers have the transaction data of customer's purchases; there is no reason not to make an effective use of this useful and informative transaction data to step-up the sales and profit of the products.

Buying A POS System - All These Details Can They Help You?

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Point of sale software is software used by businesses not only to monitor stock, sales, cash in and out, but to manage your business as a whole. Please keep this in mind, when you decide what point of sale (POS) you should purchase in order to grow your business. A couple of things that you really need in order to grow your business with your point of sale (POS) software:

· A customer database: You need to get as much information about your client as possible, this includes birthdays, anniversaries, children birthdays and any other important dates. The reason for this is your clients want you to remember their special occasions and I guarantee you this if you show your clients you care they will always be loyal towards you and your company

· Stock control: Besides your staff and clients (if you are in retail) your stock is your biggest asset your company will ever own. It is important to know what stock is moving (there is no use in having a fully stocked shop and no one is buying) and what stock is "dead". Your point of sale (POS) must give you these reports.

· User interface: Your point of sale system must be user friendly. Make sure you have manuals or even better some point of sale companies, have integrated user manuals. This is usually the better option as staff loose printed books, most companies will charge you up to R350.00 per user manual.

· Back up: You need after sale service, I don't care what point of sale (POS) system you have or would like to buy, point of sale runs on computers and computers give problems somewhere along the line. Make sure you point of sale company can and will come to the party when you really need them. The best option usually is to opt for a service contract as should you not receive after sale service you have the law on your side.

The Importance of CRM and How a POS System Can Help?

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Purchasing a restaurant POS system on the internet can be a complex process due to the number of systems and options. This article will help you ask the rigt questions of the POS vendors. A lot depends on the experience of the restaurant owner with POS systems and the extent of service provided by the seller of the POS system. The following are a series of questions that should be asked to assure the potential restaurant POS system meets your particular needs.

1. What exactly is the monthly cost or cost per minute for technical support or licensing fees?

Many sellers charge a monthly licensing fee just use their software. It is not unusual to pay $360.00 per year or $200.00 per station per year even if you never use their tech support system. In these cases add about $1,500.00 to the advertised price to use the single terminal system for five years. If monthly licensing or tech support fees are not mentioned be sure to get the details as to licensing and tech support fees if any.

Find out what the cost, if any, for upgrades. More importantly, are you forced to accept and pay for software upgrades later.

5. Is the equipment really new, refurbished or used?

If the words "new, refurbished or used" do not describe the hardware then ask. If you don't get a reply from the seller watch out. The latest buzz words are "Certified Pre Owned". What is the warranty?

6. Is shipping/handling included in the advertised price?

This con be expensive. A system can weigh about 50 pounds and you could be across the country from the vendor.

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